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 Law, the right way. 

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We are a property law firm, with a specialty in supporting property developers with
commercial property transactions. 

  • We understand that responsiveness is crucial to any transaction

  • We communicate clearly, keeping your needs in focus

  • We're always innovating to enhance your experience

  • Embracing the latest tech, we make the legal process efficient

  • We use transparent pricing

  • Transparency guides our every move, from strategies to decisions

  • As a progressive firm, we prioritise workplace wellness and diversity

  • Our mission is to empower and help through our services

Our firm stands on 8 core principles, guiding our interactions with our clients, our team, and in our business:

Practice Areas


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Commercial Property Services

  • buying / selling commercial properties

  • put and call options

  • leasing / licensing

  • building & construction contracts and disputes relating to commercial developments

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Residential Property Services

  • buying / selling residential properties

  • loan advice

  • deeds of co-ownership


Rural Property Services

  • buying / selling rural properties

  • water rights

  • agricultural leases

  • conservation easements

Our Clients


We help...


Buy and sell property and assets

Assert and defend their rights


Buy and sell property and assets

Assert and defend their rights







Commercial property sydney

"Over the past 5 years, Jaide Law has been a great asset for Stamford Capital. We have been able to smoothly buy, finance, lease and sell a number of industrial and commercial properties as a result of Jaide Law’s speed, attention to detail and service, all of which are crucial in the fast-paced commercial property market. 

In a recent transaction involving a $30 million industrial property, Jaide Law played a key role in all stages of the transaction, including our initial purchase, the preparation and negotiation of lease documents to lock in tenants, the preparation and negotiation of the construction agreement and the ultimate sale of the asset. Jaide Law handled a large volume of work, with multiple stakeholders, in a very short period of time, which enabled us to take advantage of the opportunity that was presented to us.

Ultimately, for a business like ours, it’s essential that we work with reliable services providers like Jaide Law, as this allows us to operate with confidence."  


Michael Hynes

(Co-Founder and Group Executive Director, Stamford Capital Australia)

"With over $45 million in property sales over the last 6 months, Jaide Law has been an essential and invaluable asset to our business, our clients and us." 

Noel Nicholson

(Director, Ray White Palm Beach)

Best property lawyer sydney
About Us


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Our name reflects our beliefs.


"J'aide", translated from French, means "I help". 


The 'J' is also a hommage by our founder, Malisa, to her father, John,  a lawyer himself, who encouraged her to practice law.

What we believe in

We believe that the essence of law is to help. 

That is why we are here; to provide thorough, efficient and effective help to our clients.

We hold ourselves, and our work, to the highest standards, at all times.

We take the time to make sure that you understand the work we do for you.

We embrace our sense of social responsibility and regularly work with charities.

How we practice what we preach

We are transparent with our pricing

We approach each task with the utmost rigour and care.



If you think you might need help, or if you would simply like to connect,

we would love to hear from you.

phone  +61 2 9061 7090

office Level 17, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

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